I think that studying another language is not limited to studying the words of that country, but also its culture and way of thinking. I eagerly await your enrollment.

Mr. Kato, Chief Instructor

‘One World One Family’ that’s my favorite words.  There are many foreigners living in Japan, but it may be difficult to adapt to the different new cultures. I believe that you will come one step closer to your big goal from learning Japanese. Take one step at Koubun International.

Mr. Toyosaki, Teacher

It will take time to get used to life in Japan but try to accept the differences and enjoy them as much as possible. I think that experience will be helpful no matter where you go in the future.

Ms. Tamai, Teacher

It is hard to live abroad but more than that it will be wonderful experiences that will help you grow more. Of course, you may feel uneasy, but don’t worry. We will help you realize your dreams and goals. We are looking forward to seeing you.

Ms. Katase, Teacher